Developers willing to speak at conferences:

Belén Albeza

Contact: belen.abeza -at- gmail -dot- com, @ladybenko

Location: London, UK

Topics: Front-end (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), Python, Ruby, Game development, Git, etc.

Previous Talks:

  • Game 2012, at London Imperial College: Multi-platform app development
  • IEEE SBC 2011, at Queen Mary University of London / Apps For Good (London) / Campus Party Spain 2011
  • “Closet Swap” as a gamified Facebook App
  • Ladies Who Code (London): Introduction to Git

Other: Spanish or English


Vid Ayer (svaksha)

Contact: svaksha -at- gmail -dot- com

Topics: Anything related to Python and programming – scientific programming, bioinformatics, image processing with numpy.

Previous TalksMongoDB and Gene databases



Chiu-Ki Chan

Contact: @chiuki

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Topics: Android, Mobile

Previous Talks



Aja Hammerly

Contact: aja.hammerly -at- gmail -dot- com

Location: Seattle, WA

Topics: Ruby, Rails, Data Visualization, Prolog

Previous Talks



Angela Harms

Contact: angela.harms -at- gmail -dot- com

Location: Cleveland, OH

Topics: Pair programming, collaboration, agile, geek joy, and the intersection of software and love

Previous Talks:



Jeanne Kramer-Smyth

Contact: jeanne -at- kramersmyth -dot- com

Location: DC Area

Topics: Digital Preservation, Electronic Records, Digitization, Digital Humanities, Visualization, Web 2.0, Online Communities

Previous Talks:



Sandi Metz

Contact: skmetz at gmail -dot- com, @sandimetz

Location: Durham, NC

Topics: Object Oriented Design

Previous Talks:


Other: Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby


Katrina Owen

Contact: katrina.owen -at- gmail -dot- com

Location: Oslo, Norway, but as of February 2013: Denver, Colorado, USA

Topics: Ruby, Testing, Refactoring

Previous TalksTherapeutic Refactoring



Akkana Peck

Contact: akkana -at- shallowsky -dot- com

Topics: GIMP, Python, Arduino/Raspberry Pi, Linux, etc.

Previous Talks:

  • Fun with Linux and Devices
  • GIMP Demystified
  • Writing GIMP scripts and plug-ins
  • Featherweight Linux
  • Bug Fixing for Non-Programmers



Rachel Reese

Contact: rreese -at- gmail -dot- com, @rachelreese

Location: Burlington, VT

Topics: F# mostly, or any C# & .NET

Previous TalksGetting Started with F# Part 1



Lynn Root

Contact: lynn -at- lynnroot -dot- com, @roguelynn

Location: San Francisco, CA

Topics: Python, Django, Women w/i Python community (PyLadies), freeIPA project

Previous Talks



Bess Sadler

Contact: bess -at- stanford -dot- edu, @eosadler

Location: Silicon Valley, California

Topics: Bess is a co-founder of two highly successful open source software projects, Blacklight ( and Hydra ( Both projects are written in Ruby on Rails and use agile development practices such as test driven development and continuous integration. Bess is available to speak on open source community building, digital preservation, managing big data, Blacklight, Hydra, digital libraries, museums, and designing for discovery. Popular talks she has given include “Vampires vs Werewolves: Ending the War Between Developers and Sysadmins” (a talk on puppet system configuration) and “Brain Injuries, Science Fiction, and Library Discovery,” a 2012 invited keynote at a national library technology conference.

Previous Talkstalks



Nell Shamrell

Contact: nellshamrell -at- gmail -dot- com

Location: Seattle, WA

Topics: Ruby, Rails, Regular Expressions, Communication

Previous Talks:



Michele Titolo

Contact: hi -at- michele -dot- io

Location: San Francisco, CA

Topics: iOS, Objective-C, Mobile App Development, Ruby on Rails



Lauren Voswinkel

Contact: lvoswink -at- gmail -dot- com, @laurenvoswinkel

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Topics: Ruby/Rails


Joan Wolkerstorfer

Contact:  joanwolk -at – gmail -dot- com

Location: Berlin, Germany

Topics: Ruby/Rails, teaching new programmers

Previous Talks:


Carina C. Zona

Contact:  cczona -at – gmail -dot- com

Location: San Francisco, CA

Topics: Ruby, Rails, Git, RailsBridge, diversity outreach, apps for sex/gender/relationships education

Previous Talks:

  • Abstracts & Reviews
  • Slides
  • Lanyrd
  • “Evil Overlord’s Guide to Being A Senior Developer,” FluentConf 2013
  • “Schemas for Humans,” RubyConf AU 2013
  • “Schemas for the Real World,” GoGaRuCo 2012
  • “Full-Stack & Full Circle: What The Heck Happens in An HTTP Request,” Confident Coding III
  • “Cool Git Tricks (That I Learn When Things Go Badly),” [Parts 1 & 2] Women Who Code Lightning Talks
  • “Hacking for Sex Education,” SFRuby Unconference & KFASF2


Other places to find female technical speakers:

LinuxChix: Chix who speak

“Where to find women to reach out to for Ruby/Python conference speakers”