DevChix now hosted by Blue Box!


We are proud to announce that Blue Box is donating hosting for the Devchix blog.

The support staff was helpful when answering questions and explained the solution without talking down to me. And thanks to devchix member Ivete for helping with the wordpress configuration.

Established in 2003, Blue Box is a leading cloud hosting and managed services company. Nearly 600 companies use Blue Box’s managed cloud application hosting for infrastructure solutions. Its clients receive white-glove 24/7 support through its industry-leading technical implementation and management expertise. Blue Box leverages an assortment of open source technologies including OpenStack, EMC Razor and Opscode’s Chef alongside Blue Box intellectual property and technologies. With ownership and control of the infrastructure, Blue Box delivers comprehensive, customizable hosting solutions with game-changing uptime to enterprises and applications of any size.

Thanks so much Blue Box!!

PyCon 2010 Financial Assistance Grant for Women


I am happy as hell to announce that this grant exists. The deadline is Dec. 18th, and I strongly encourage you to apply.

This conference gets a bit bigger each year, but the organizers make a great effort to keep the small conference feel. It also has many level-100 tutorials, and is both socially and technically welcoming for py-newbies.

Open space sessions (everything from software development to Settlers) and poster sessions happen every night, tutorials run two days prior, and code sprints run for a few days after the conference. It promises to be a great learning and social experience you should not miss.

I am reserving a room and sharing it:
I’ll room with as many as possible, to cut costs for everyone. Bring a sleeping bag :)

See you there,


ai ai ai: more porn at a conference, this time hardcore


Posting this NOT because I want to stir the pot, fan the flames, etc, but because it’s happening and it affects us. The quick version: guy gives presentation with hardcore porn images in Minneapolis. Guy is taken to task for it. Guy gives poor me, you prudes can’t handle sex, some of my best friends are women apology. Guy is taken to task for it. Discussion is very, very long. Some awesome things are said, like this, which I’d say pretty much sums it all up:

“We are in a comparatively irreverent industry. I remember seeing a couple of people swear onstage at the Webbies back in 2005, for example. We tend, as a whole, to lean toward more radical politics, more speaking your mind, and more irreverent humor — across all genders — as compared to other industries. The relative permissiveness in our industry partially accounts for why you might see something that pushes “the line” on stage at a web technologies conference than say, at a professional conference of another type. This needs to be kept in mind when the term “professionalism” is used rhetorically in these conversations.

So one thing that I think is true, is that we will continually be dancing toward “the line”, and not just on issues of gender, but also politics and other areas. And because of this, we do need to continually revisit what the boundaries of “offense” are or might be. Hopefully this will result not in fear-based non-expressive atmospheres, but in a civilized atmosphere where we are sensitive to our audiences, and they are sensitive to us as we express ourselves with whatever level of irreverence or forthrightness we choose. As a part of the inclusive atmosphere, it is critical that that inclusiveness works in all directions, and that all stakeholders keep a good faith attitude of questioning the content and context of their actions, and also the character and motives of their “offense”, or whatever reactions might be invoked.

The uber-goal, with this reflective consideration of expressers and reactors, is that we are able to openly discuss all factors at any time. That we have a safe environment for people to express and feedback. That includes allowing room for people to offend, allowing room for people to express their discomfort, and allowing room for people to apologize, be heard, and agree or disagree. Everything will work out for the best if that is the atmosphere of discourse that we support. We wont always agree, but we must put as much effort as possible into seeing the world from each other’s viewpoint.”

–Carlos Abler

Here’s a link to letters by conference organizer and offensive speaker in response, and discussion.

She's Geeky


Just wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming She’s Geeky Event in Mountain View CA Jan 30 – 31st. I already registered and got my flight booked so that I can be there. I hear from people who went last year and to the most recent one that the experience has been really good. So go check them out and get registered if you want to go.


She's Geeky East: Dec 5-7 2008, NYC


This event was recently announced here:

and can also be found here:

I highly recommend this women’s un-conference, which was held last October in California, and was a blast. The attendees offer presentations, pick time slots, and attend as well as present. Topics range from everything from social issues to hard core hardware geekery, with ad-hoc birds-of-a-feather sessions forming between sessions.

It’s casual, it’s affordable, it’s fun, you form it, and you benefit from it. Best of all, the sponsor ads and the recruiting are very played down. So it does not have a big, overblown commercial feel to it at all.

Kaliya Young Hamlin
started this, and does a lot to get these conferences off the ground. Thank you, Kaylia!

If you’re coming to this event from out of town and need crash space, I have some, so feel free to contact me.