Awesome Speakers at Fluent 2012


The Fluent Conference 2012 in San Francisco on May 29th-31st has an incredible line up of speakers.   The conference is generously supporting DexChix and other community projects with booth space.  Come join us!

Lea Verou, will be giving a keynote on “Turning to the client-side” as well as another talk on “Demystifying Regular Expressions.” Sara Chipps, Javascript developer and Founder of Girl Develop It, will be giving an instructional talk on how to build your own Gmail browser extension. Sarah Mei, Pivotal engineer, Disapora contributor, and co-founder of RailsBridge will be sharing her insight on Backbone.js: Basics & Beyond. Independent developer, Nicole Sullivan, also an independent developer, will be giving two talks — “Don’t feed the Trolls” on open source culture and a tech talk on CSS3 animations.

Here’s the schedule for the awesome women developers who will be speaking at Fluent:

Backbone.js: Basics & Beyond, Sarah Mei, 1:45pm Tuesday, 05/29, Continental 5

Build Your own GMail Browser Extension, Sara Chipps, 2:35pm Thursday, 05/31, Continental 4

Don’t Feed The Trolls, Nicole Sullivan, 9:40am Wednesday, 05/30, Continental Ballroom 1-5

Bob, Pulse, Pop, and Shake – 5 ways to replace JavaScript with CSS3 Animations, Nicole Sullivan, 1:45pm Wednesday, 05/30, Continental 2-3

/Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions, Lea Verou, 2:35pm Wednesday, 05/30, Continental 2-3

Turning to the Client Side, Lea Verou, 9:50am Thursday, 05/31, Continental Ballroom 1-5

You don’t need a Framework for that!, Estelle Weyl, 1:45pm Thursday, 05/31, Continental 5

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  1. Peter Cooper

    It’s harder to find because it’s a shorter, specialist type of session but there’s at least one more female speaker. Luz Caballero is representing Opera in one of our “browser sessions”. Essentially, she’ll be giving a 25 minute tour of Opera’s latest work and their JS support.

    There might be others, I’ll need to scratch my head a bit first.. :-)


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