Apple's WWDC: A Whirlwind Tour


Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference took place again this year in San Francisco, kicking off with the Steve Jobs keynote.

The iPhone 4 announcement came as no surprise to any Gizmodo readers, but for most developers, this didn’t matter: the conference highlights typically come AFTER the keynote anyway.  And we were rewarded with a new XCode, Safari 5, and other goodies that I can’t talk about because the rest is under NDA!

However, there is lots to show and see outside the NDA, including some of the amazing women developers.  So come along and get a taste of the keynote line, the structure of our days, the parties, and a peek at some of the wonderful attendees who make WWDC such a fun and educational event:

Lastly, if you are a certified Apple developer and want to see the sessions you missed, Apple has released them for FREE to all registered developers!

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