The Creative Commons license, and Our new president gets it!


I was really excited and moved to see this:

This copyright license affects most content on the website, guaranteeing transparency and the feedom to redistribute and discuss it’s content.

All I can say is, wow. This president not only believes in transparency, but understands how to implement it using existing tools and conventions. He understands the spirit of Open Source software development, and everything that has come about since this movement began. Imagine an “Open Government”, genuinely implemented and influenced by the people, and it’s hard not to want to get involved.

The web site has a very nice, simple form, requesting your ideas and suggestions. They already have proposals for nationwide fiber optic broadband, automation and transparency in the patent process, and automation of health insurance data to bring healthcare costs down. There are many more places where technology can automate away inefficient and error prone processes.

We here on DevChix all know how technology has changed our lives. Let them know how it can change a nation. Submit your ideas and suggestions, and let’s help educate and influence this new administration.


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