Thank you Engine Yard!


If you are reading this that means we are on our new slice provided by the generous folks at Engine Yard. Thank you for supporting us in our mission to encourage more women to choose careers in development.

Though they are traditionally a rails shop they setup WordPress for us and configured it with PHP. We plan to do more with the site than just have a WordPress blog and now we have the space and resources to do it :)

So far, its been great. They have a handy ticket system that lets us keep track of issues and I was able to hop onto IRC and get some quick questions answered.

If you notice any weirdness please send an email to devchix *at* gmail and let us know!


2 Responses to “Thank you Engine Yard!”

  1. desi

    Whoot! We are all moved over! Yes thanks a ton to EngineYard for helping us out. Ezra and crew have been wonderful in helping us get moved over.

  2. jennifer

    wow, that is really awesome of them! i send thanks as well-


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