Two Mint Condition Original Unitech "Unix Magic" Posters for Auction


I have two of these posters for auction. They are both original Unix Magic posters, in mint condition, rolled up for 20 years and never touched or hung.

I will leave this announcement up for one month, and the posters go to the highest bidders. Deadline is Feb 21st, 2008. There is a minimum bid for me to even consider parting with these (Hint: You have to give me a lot of money for me to part with these babies. I stood in long lines, did many puzzles and gave away lots of business cards at Unix Expo to get these posters many years ago.)

Private bids are welcome, drop us a message stating your bid by using the Contact Us Form. The highest bid for the moment will be posted, but the bidder will remain private in those instances.

Proceeds will go to the DevChix Scholarship Fund, now that DevChix is nonprofit! Woot!

I have a third that I’m keeping for myself, along with a Unix Feuds poster that will go with me to the grave. If anyone knows where to get the elusive Unix Views poster, please drop me a message. I contacted the original artist but to no avail.


Highest bids to date:

Poster 1: $300
Poster 2: $290

9 Responses to “Two Mint Condition Original Unitech "Unix Magic" Posters for Auction”

  1. Elizabeth Naramore

    Hey, great idea for a fundraiser! Here’s wishing you the best of luck!! (We’re in the process of finalizing’s non-prof status as well .. whew, what a process! :) )

  2. ig

    I had this poster many years ago, and it was heartbreaking when I discovered it had been destroyed. I am curious about where they originally came from … despite having been part of the “scene” for decades, I don’t know who Unitech was.

    In any case, I now have super high resolution drum scans of both the Unix Magic and Unix Views posters, and one of these days I’m going to have them both printed up again and framed. Never heard of Unix Feuds though.

  3. David Bock

    Do you have any contact info for the original artist? I was involved in a book effort last year and they tried to find him/her to get reprint rights.

  4. Markian

    Is anyone still reading this? I’d very much like to get into contact with some of the posters. er… I mean the people making comments!

  5. Jeff Wallace

    Unitech was a backup company in the late 80′s.

    They handed posters out at Uniforum, seems that I got mine in DC in 1987/8??

  6. jamie neale

    Afternoon, is anyone still interested in the elusive UNIX VIEWs? I have one that was framed when my father received in many years ago,so is in MINT condition. thanks


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