DevChix is Incorporated


DevChix is officially incorporated. We filed the Articles of Incorporation in the state of Florida, since this is the state in which I live. Our next steps are to file all the paper work around becoming 501c3. Once we are an official 501c3 we can then begin to seek financial donations to start funding some of the programs we want to put in place this year.

I am very excited about our progress and I am even more excited about what we have in store for the year. I am going to write up some information on the programs we want to get going soon and post those so everyone will know what we are working on.


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  1. sarahg

    This is awesome! Fabulous good work, Desi, and exciting things coming up for Devchix.

  2. uberchicgeekchick

    *Tears*(of joy),

    This is wonderful! Awesome! &Amazing(&my writing is in bad grammar)! This just made my day when it showed up in our rss feed &came through on my twitter(@ I couldn’t believe how excited I got. It was because I’ve been working on several projects, slowly chipping away @them, and they’re finally coming together.

    So I feel excitement for you… for us. Having DevChix get one step closer to full 501(c)3 status is awesome. A process I’m going through as well so I understand how intense the paper work, &even worse: the waiting, is.

    So again to every one who’s been working toward this goal: congrats. I have no doubt that full non-profit status will be coming soon.

    For all women developers; I can tell that 2008 is going to be a tremendous year. From awareness to our overall presence in CS but within OSS especially.

    I’m babbling &really need to get back to coding my own current lil PHP project, for my upcoming podcasts. But once again, I’m super happy that this step has been accomplish; I’m sure the next hurdle will be over come as well.

    So for every thing that’s been accomplished so far. &Even more to that which will come in the future. Congratulations &my heartfelt thank you.


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